Theophilus: Songs from the Book of Luke

by Pillar Church

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Maybe you grew up with these stories, hearing them at the dinner table or at Sunday school, or reading them in the quiet of your bedroom. Maybe you've heard the preacher tell them, or your neighbor friend, or the character on that one T.V. show. Do you remember them? The story of the prodigal son. The dinghy tossed about in a fearful storm. The woman anointing the feet of the God-man. And so many about the Son of God himself, who was born of woman but was also God, who performed miracles and preached and died and rose again.

One of the most outrageous claims we make as Christians is that these stories are true. The divine has become united with the ordinary. It's a miracle that Almighty God got a body, an impossible and unprecedented thing; yet it has happened. For the sake of our salvation, now and forevermore, God meets his faithful people face-to-face. This is most true in the sacraments, baptism and communion, through which the church receives the grace of God. Jesus set these practices in place to unite the church with himself, to show his love for the church, and to call the church into faithful action.

Just as we, the church, are called to participate in particular sacraments, we are called to live sacramentally. We are called to live in such a way that our lives and work become offerings to God. Sacramental living means self-conscious, active participation in the unfolding of the Kingdom of God on earth. It is a worshipful response to God's mercy and also a missional hope–the stories need to be told–and thus intimately connected with the story of scripture. Ultimately, as in baptism or the Lord's Supper, sacramental living exists only with the expectation that the Holy Spirit fills our response with meaning.

Theophilus was made in an effort to live like this–sacramentally. The time we spent with the scriptural texts, with the songs as they emerged and grew to fullness, and the hours spent in the recording studio–all delightful experiences, by the way–came with the assurance that our work would be pleasing to the Most High. If there is anything we hoped to achieve by writing and recording this album and giving these texts new flesh, it is to make an offering fit for the sacramental life of the church. So please, take, listen, and worship.


Pillar Church
57 East 10th Street
Holland, MI 49423


released September 1, 2016

Andy Bast: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet
Bruce Benedict: Vocals
Jenna Brandsen: Vocals
Breanna Chapman: Vocals
Anna Gabhart: Vocals
Jonathan Gabhart: Percussion, Vocals, Guitar
Ellie Mclaren: Vocals
Noah Mclaren: Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals
Mac Watson: Cello

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Drew Elliot
Album artwork by Mitch Conrad


Thank you to the congregation of Pillar Church for its enthusiastic support of this project. We are excited to share these songs; To Bruce Benedict and Drew Elliot of Hope College, we simply could not have made this record without you; To Mitch Conrad for his beautiful artwork; And to everyone who was involved in putting this project together: Katie Bast, Jenna Brandsen, Jon Brown, Breanna Chapman, Carsten Forester, Anna Gabhart, David Hamilton, Hope College Campus Ministries, Ellie Mclaren, Al Nykamp, Steven Rodriguez, Sara Van Tongeren, Mac Watson



all rights reserved


Pillar Church Holland, Michigan

Pillar Church is a dually affiliated church of the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

We create music for God's glory that reflects our context and the people of our community.
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Track Name: Salvation Has Come (Luke 19)
Salvation has come to this house
for the Lord has brought it near to us here

He has come to seek the lost
And he has come to save us from sin
He has come to fill the law
And he has come to make us new bodies!

Track Name: O Come Divine Messiah (Luke 1)
O come, divine Messiah, the world in silence waits
When hope shall sing its triumphs, and sadness flee away
O come desired of nations, whom priest and prophet told,
Will break the captive fetters, redeem the long-lost fold.

Come to the earth, come to the earth,
dear Savior, haste!
Dispel the night, dispel the night
and show your face,
Bid us hail the dawn of grace.

O come in peace and meekness, for lowly will you be
Though clothed in human weakness, we shall your God-head see
O come, divine Messiah, the world in silence waits
When hope shall sing its triumphs, and sadness flee away.
Track Name: Take Everything
We hid ashamed and alone,
The Father called us, “Where are you?"
Lost in a desert of sand
You still pursue us; your people, we are always yours
Oh Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Take everything
Take all my sin and pain
Take everything
Now I am new

You sent your only Son
who came to bear all our sorrow
We mocked and crucified him
You still pursue us; your people, we are always yours
Oh Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

You, Holy Spirit, descend
enliven our hearts within us
We turn again and again
You still pursue us; your people, we are always yours
Oh Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Track Name: Washed in the Fount (Luke 3)
Holy Spirit, you have come, come and met us here;
Mercy like a dove released, we have none to fear;
You have claimed us as your own, your adopted family;
We, your sons and daughters, now, walk in trust and faith.

Washed in the fount of love, a voice from heaven comes;
You are my daughter, you are my son, my beloved one.

Jesus, you were baptized then, so we come today;
Answering your gracious call, young and old to say;
We will nurture, teach, and pray as your body here on earth;
By your Spirit guide our lives, fill us with your light.

This, the fount of love and grace, water here outpoured;
Here, we come, and here, we pray, "cleanse us all, dear Lord,"
Wash us from our sin and guilt, By your life refresh us still;
Jesus, seal the covenant of your grace today.
Track Name: He Calms the Storm (Luke 8)
Jesus called his twelve to the waterside
He said: “Let us cross to the other side."
And they sailed the ship and the Master slept
But the sea got angry, the waters lept
And the waves came up and the rolled over them
And the twelve were filled with a fear within

And He calms the storm
With a word of his voice
They obey him

As the thunder drummed and the lightning flashed
As the ship began to groan and crash
Terrified to the lower deck they cried
“Teacher, Master we are going to die!"
“But where is your faith?” he said to them,
And afraid and amazed, they don’t understand.

Who is this that all creation
sea and wind, they all listen?

And he calms my storm
With the word of his voice
I obey him
Track Name: Come Into the Light Again (Luke 15)
Hungry and afraid, I am lost and lonely
Running out of faith, far away from home I stray

I don’t have to run, God is looking for me
Searching for love, God already loves me,
God already knows me

“Where are you?”
A voice is calling out, calling out to welcome me;
“Come quickly out of hiding out of dark!"
“Come into the light again, Come back home again."

I keep falling back, I long for the light again
Death into life, I know God is moving me,
Jesus, he is listening

Many people say, “Go and prove your worth to me."
Every time I try, I come back empty
Track Name: Who Is This Who Even Forgives Sins? (Luke 7)
Will he save or will he turn away?
A table full of holy fools
who think they know this man
unforgivable, comes for forgiveness

Is it joy or is it pain?
Jesus, I need to be made new
a tangle of hair, this broken jar
unhealable, comes to be healed

Who is this who even forgives sins?

Can I stay or must I leave this place?
My past is ringing in my ear
Weeping on the floor without a word
Unconsolable, comes to be consoled

Is it too much? Lord, is it not enough?
I fear and tremble here before him
My tears they fall, I kiss his feet
Unloveable, shows great love
Track Name: How Much More? (Luke 11)
When you ask for food, do you receive a snake?
When you lack for something, do you try to take?
All you need our God gives to you,
Don’t be afraid
How much more are you given by our Lord?

Every sparrow in the market sold for gold,
Not one bird forgotten not one left alone
Every hair on your head is known.
Don’t be afraid
How much more are you cherished by our Lord?

Think of every flower growing in the field.
Neither do they labor, neither do they spin,
Even kings cannot rival them.
Don’t be afraid
How much more are you covered by our Lord?
Track Name: Eating and Drinking (Luke 7)
We come eating and drinking, dying and rising
We’re bruised, but we’re singing all for the world to see

We came breaking the sabbath, we came full of the spirit,
But you would not hear it, No you would not see it

You did not know him, You did not see him
You did not take him at his word
All of the prophets in all of the silence
Still you were cold and you were blind

Where will the Son of Man lay his head
Let the dead bury the dead
Where will the Son of Man lay his head
In three long days he’ll raise the dead

To what can I compare the people of this generation?
They are like children, playing for the lost and lonely
To what can I compare the people of this generation?
They are like children, we all our children
Track Name: Resurrection (Luke 24)
I come to you along a road of sorrow,
Approaching the tomb looking for nothing new,
I come to you in pain and in denial.
A question of faith is not even something to make

I am weary sad and pained; You meet me where I am,
In my dark and fear you came;
You’re alive again

I come to you amazed at your appearance
How can it be, you conquer death for me?
I come to you and live in hope and freedom
Death is erased, Life is restored by grace.

Resurrection; You find me in my fear,
Resurrection; My hope is near
Resurrection; You are my living hope
Resurrection; Defeat my death, I am forever changed.
Track Name: Awake, O Sleeper
Our God has not left us alone, but has come down to save
He pulled us up out of the pit, he pulled us from the grave;
Our sins are gone, they fled with night, the day of grace breaks in
Jesus, our Lord, is shining out, the darkness will not win

Awake, O Sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you
The firstborn son he lives again; he has made all things new

The grave is sewn, our wounds are healed; the damage is undone
Our flesh is clean, our bodies whole, for Christ has cleansed us all
The rot of sin has been removed that we may breathe again
His healing power against decay will triumph in the end.

The war is o’er, the battle won o’er sin and death in us
Now all those we once had fought, we now can love as friends
We have no fear of anyone who would seek out our harm
Because our Lord has conquered death, we can love without fear

While we await our Sabbath rest our work is not in vain
Our rest was won the day he rose, we wait in joyful hope
For the day he comes to lead us home at last to make things right
There we will need no sun or lamp for God will be our light
Track Name: My Redeemer Has Come Down (Luke 1)
My Redeemer has come down from the heavens
God forever to us bound by his oath
Our life he shares in the flesh he wears

By the tender mercy of our God and Father
and the Holy Spirit Dove, the dawn is bright
for the Son has come, he will break the night

You make a spark of hope where there is none
You call up life where there is famine
You bring a captive people home, O, Holy One of God,
into your gates again

God has looked on us with love and lasting favor
Though we choose to turn away, he loves us still
calls us to the light, God is ever bright
Track Name: O Hidden One (Luke 24)
O Hidden One of God, You reveal your goodness here;
In the breaking of the bread, You are here with us!

O Hidden One of God, Your grace to us appears;
In the bread and in the wine, You are here with us!

Oh, when the God of love did open up our eyes to see:
The One who set the table is the one who set us free.

O Risen One of God, You have met us in this meal;
Sign of grace and covenant seal, You are here with us!